Hello everybody. My name is Patrick Gould and I am a senior History major. I am from Quincy, Massachusetts and this is my last 300-level History course at Framingham State. I love all of history but I definitely favor American history, more specifically 1960s-modern times.  I am excited to take Media and Communications in American History because I feel that it will be a great insight to an integral aspect of the development of America. I am taking this class because I am interested in American history and this was a unique topic that I have not studied before.  Honestly, I never thought about the media and communications and their effects on American history, so when I saw this class I was extremely intrigued. I am very optimistic about this class and am looking forward to learning about this topic.  I am hoping to come out of this class with a greater understanding of the media and how they portrayed certain events in American history. I think it would be fascinating to study the media and the role they played in the Vietnam War. In addition, I would like to continue to become a more skilled reader of history. In all my previous 300-level classes I have been challenged by my professors to read critically and I know this class will do the same. I would also like to become a better write because of this class and I fully expect that will be the case. I would also like to learn how to critically read newspaper articles and be able to use them as strong evidence in a paper.  Frankly, I am hoping to learn about an interesting topic in American history and have that learning supplemented by also enhancing my skills to be a historian.

I guess I am wondering exactly how the Media and various forms of communications effected events in American history. I want to dig deep into how Americans consumed the media and why they consumed some forms of the media more than others. How can/did the media manipulate Americans throughout history and even today? How and why did Americans react to new forms of media and communications in America? Will Europe have any effect on media styles and forms of communication in America? Whether or not all of these questions are answered throughout the semester will not factor in me evaluating this course. Overall I am extremely intrigued and excited for a great semester.


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