About me- Kylie Boyle

Hi, my name is Kylie Boyle, and like so many of you I am a history major here at Framingham State University. I transferred to FSU spring semester of my sophomore year. I was originally a criminal justice major at Western Connecticut, but when I came here I made the switch to history to eventually become a teacher. I chose Framingham State because of its renowned education major.

I am taking this Media and Communication class first and foremost because American history is my favorite genre of history. Anytime I can take an interesting, or different history class I am all for it. Being an upperclassman, I have obviously taken many classes with multiple different professors, but I have never taken a course with Dr. Adelman. Hearing nothing but good things about his classes, I figured I would change that.

Reasons why I took this class, is like I said above, I love American history, but any chance to learn more about a new topic is great! I have never really learned much about media or communication or even the evolution of technology. With the huge role technology now has in the present day, I figured this is a good course to expand my knowledge. I really want to broaden my horizons in American history, and taking this course about a topic I am not familiar with is a great way to start. It is great to learn about all the wars, colonialism and diplomatic relationships in our countries history, but I like to switch it up a bit, and reading this course description last spring really peaked my interest.

Some questions I have about this class are just some basic ones. Some of them are probably answered in the readings due on Monday, but one question is when does the history of media and communications start in America? Is it with the pilgrims? Is it the Revolution War? I am going to assume Ben Franklin may have had something to do with it. Especially media, when did that really come into play and have such an important role in history? Communications is easier to track in my opinion with the telegraph and telephone and other inventions as well. Lastly, what is considered the most monumental invention in the world of media and communications? Is there one, or is it up for debate?


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