Hello, my name is… Holly

Hello, my name is Holly Greet and I am also an Aries (that is just a useless fun fact). Currently, I am a junior here at FSU and I am a history major with a secondary education minor. I’ve played softball for most of my life and played for the school team here up until last semester when I decided that I’d rather travel and study in Florence, Italy (absolutely worth it). I like to think that I am a hardworking and persistent individual whom also struggles with a serious procrastination problem; shocking, I know. It is something that I still wrestle with, but fortunately I have been doing better, I even believe that I will be in the 80th percentile that makes it through and survives this ordeal. I am also very sarcastic, and a tad bit facetious, although I try not to be so much. I believe that laughter is always the best medicine and try to keep an optimistic, as well as a little realistic, attitude about the world. I waitress in my hometown, Raynham (pronounced Rain-HAM), where I also commute an hour to an hour and a half every morning, which I might add is wonderful.

I decided to take this course for a couple of reasons. One, I really needed an American history course. I’m not as interested in American history as I am ancient or European history, so it’s hard for me to force interest in something I don’t particular have interest in. Two, I am really interested in this particular subject and how it had influence in American history. I’ve never really considered the importance of media in history, and the idea of learning about something that I’ve haven’t considered learning about is really cool. I’m trying to figure out what time of media that we will be looking into and how far back in American history we will be going to start with. Is it the totality of American history that we’ll be looking at, or more along the lines of the beginning of the 20th century to modernity in America? Media has such a large impact on how we live today. Smartphones, television, movies, commercials, ads, magazines, books, etc.; each one influencing this generation and more to come. I’m excited to be learning something new and something different. It’s not a subject I would have otherwise pursued had I not been given this opportunity.


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