Hello! I’m Alyssa Campbell and I am a sophomore elementary education major with a coordinate in history. I grew up in Natick and currently commute from there to school. I also work part time at the Staples in Natick as well. My favorite color is purple and I enjoy a wide variety of music ranging from the latest Eminem to classical Mozart. This will be the second history course I’ve taken at Framingham State, the first being Historical Research and Writing. I wasn’t always interested in teaching, and I really only decided to major in elementary education a short time before attending this school. I made the decision to be a teacher after witnessing the repercussions a weak academic foundation can have on students in high school. By creating a solid and engaging environment in elementary school I hope to give students a better start to their academic career.

I have always been interested in history, and I find that there’s a lot we can learn from the past that can help us create the future. In high school there weren’t many opportunities for me to take elective classes, so I figured in college, I would take courses that sounded more interesting than just the standard core history class. I thought this course had an interesting subject matter since people have always found ways to communicate, and the media had become such a major part in everyday life that it would be interesting to see how it has evolved and developed over time. The terms media and communications are very broad and encompass a lot of different outlets and factors. One thing I’m interested in is what sources we might look at. I’m excited to be a part of this class and to learn about something that has such a major role in today’s culture.


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