Hello, everyone! I’m Clare O’Connor, a junior at FSU. This is my first year here since I transferred from another school I was at for two years. I am currently a history major, and my ultimate goal is to teach high school students though I think working in a museum would be pretty cool too! I am taking this course because I’m (pretty sure) it’s a requirement for my major, but also thought it was interesting because as far as I know, there was not a course like this at my old college. I am looking forward to talking about the evolution of media and communications because it seems to me like it’s a part of history that is always present-things are always changing, people are always evolving and moving forward especially in terms of technology.  What we take for granted now, like texting, would be almost unimaginable to people even just a few decades ago. My favorite area of history to study is probably 20th century history, which I think it a cool time period for this type of study because a lot of things were drastically changing. I took a course awhile back in high school and we talked about how means of communication differ during wartime, and what innovations are inspired out of need. I thought that was a really interesting topic. Flipping through the textbook it seems like the content is pretty interesting, I think because personally I don’t know too much about this topic so I am looking forward to learning more. It sounds cliche when people say thing like “how did anyone live with a cell phone” or something, but it’s kind of true-it is so hard for me to imagine a world where it could take weeks to pass information a long via letter, in a world where the telegram was viewed as such a major innovation. It also interests me to talk about where technology will bring media and communications in the future. Maybe in a history class forty years from now students will read about texting and cellphones and view it as old and outdated. It makes me wonder what will be the huge thing of the future that drastically transforms how people communicate, like the phone did. that is definitely something I would like to talk about during this course, but overall I am looking forward to it!


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