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Trying to sum one’s self up in an introduction is always an interesting challenge. My name is Taylor Federico-Grome. I am from Natick, MA and am finally a senior here at Framingham State. I chose The History of Media and Communication to not only fill up the last of my required American courses for my degree but also because this is a day and age where understanding the way we communicate through media is of crucial importance. I think it will be very interesting to learn what the media looked like 50 years ago compared to today. Drawing comparisons such as these during this class was also a driving interest for myself. On a different note, I have a very limited background in American history and I find that due to our society’s heavy reliance on what this class may seemingly entail, I hope it will expand my expertise in American history. I wonder how the way that the media and communication have changed over the decades has rendered the people of our society. I wonder too if more thoughtful and concrete communication made friendships and relationships more tight knit and different from the way that such relationships are carried out now through all these technological pathways. I wonder how media and communication relate to the economic and political spheres. I wonder what changes in media and communication have done to society for instance how a push towards technological communication has affected the volume of letters being sent by postal carriers. I wonder if this class will enable its students to critically think about where the media and communication will be in the future. As someone who has an artistic background and has taken visual communication I am excited to layer the background I have from those classes with this class to not only be able to understand media from an artistic stand point but from a societal one too. In conclusion, I am very excited for this semester to get rolling and to begin this journey about communication, through communication.


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