Introduction-Kylie Jusseaume



Hi everyone, my name is Kylie Jusseaume and I am a History and Early education major. I am from Quincy, MA and am currently in my Sophomore year at Framingham State. Last year I was placed into “History to Reconstruction” as a general education course and immediately knew I wanted to change my major, along with majoring in early education. I’ve always been interested in history since an early age, it was really the only class in middle school/high school that I truly enjoyed.Last year I went on a service trip with the schools Alternative Spring Break and that inspired me to change my major from criminology to early education and history. I was really intrigued when I heard of this course, because I have always been interested in how history has shaped the present in all ways, especially the aspects of communication and media.

What I hope to learn from this course is how media and communication came to be today. Also I hope to learn the different ways society was affected by the different forms of media. Today, we have access to computers and televisions which keep the public updated with latest events and news. Before all of this innovative technology what exactly did people do to communicate with each other, and how/ when did the evolution of communication and media technology begin?

After reading the syllabus and reviewing the overall work for the semester I came up with some questions I had for the course. Back before all this technology how did they communicate, and how did society view historic events? Was there a limited amount of  accurate information because of the lack of widespread communication throughout different places? How did society absorb the information, was there a form of media or communication that lacked effectiveness? Was there a form of media or commutation that truly “set the way” for the technological resolution of media and communication? Overall, I’m really excited to delve into the course material of this semester and learn more about how media and communication came to be such a big part of todays society.


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