Jen Fortin Intro.

My name is Jen Fortin, I am a junior history major with a minor in secondary education. I grew up in Marlboro, MA and have lived in the same house my whole life. I attended a trade school for high school where I studied engineering, but have come to college with an interest in teaching. The specific topic in history that I enjoy learning about is World War II, and I am not sure exactly why, but it interests me immensely and I gravitate towards it. Events such as Pearl Harbor and D-Day are of interest to me and I love watching movies/documentaries and reading about them. I also like learning about the Roaring 20’s with the growth of the consumer society and prohibition. The rise of the American Mafia also interests me, with their role in prohibition and general crime. Aside from history, I also enjoy being active by running and playing sports and I also like reading; I pride myself in my book collection and plan to further expand it throughout the years.

This is the one history course that I was actually excited about taking. With communication, I believe there is so much to be covered, not just in different time periods and how it evolves, but with language and culture and how different regions around the world communicate. I love looking at old newspapers, the fonts and images captivate me and when I read them, it’s as if it takes me back and I can picture people of the past reading it, when news was just breaking and people had honest reactions to them. I love to hand write so I think letters are interesting and how people would address them and send them and I wish people would actually still do this. Soldier’s letters, especially during WWII are always fun to read.

I think it will be fascinating to trace the change and evolution of communication and the media and compare it to what we have today. Any sort of progress can be seen as a positive thing, but I feel that today, the media is heavily criticized and cast in a downward light. Or even with communication, cell phones create lots of problems current day that did not exist 50 years ago, such as texting and driving and cyber bullying. Being able to see where we had started out in the 19th century with communication, probably not many people would imagine a world as it is today and I think that progression should be studied and explored more. Not only could it benefit us now, but to maybe help in predicting what the future may hold in terms of media and communication. I look forward to learning more about this topic.


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