My name is Kevin Marshall, I am a senior history major with a minor in political science. History has always been my favorite thing to study, when I was younger I loved it because of the wars, violence, and brutality you often find through history, but through the years it has progressed because now I find it interesting to see where we started, and how far we have come throughout the years. I also feel that we can learn from history to help progress our future. I feel that if we forget the basis of where we came from, we won’t have any stability moving forward. For instance, the constitution is something we ignore too often in our lives, and is something that should be much more prominent. It concerned me the other day because I quoted a line from the constitution to my younger cousin who is a freshmen in high school and all he had to say is “was that from call of duty?”;  the history nerd in me was crushed. Keeping history alive and relevant is something I can enjoy doing for a very long time, and plan on doing for a very long time.

The history of media and communications caught my eye when looking at the class postings for this semester because we live in a time now where media and communication is what makes the world turn. The second something happens we hear about it on the news or social media, or pick up our phones and tell our friends and family. I am hoping that throughout the course we find out how different the world was because of the lack of widespread news sources, and how slow news traveled because of the drastic differences in technology. I am also hoping that we gain insight as to why we are so dependent on the media every day, and if that is why we see some of the problems we do today. For example, we get up every day and watch the news, or read the newspaper, or check facebook and twitter because we need the latest updates. My sister lives in New Zealand and says that people could care less about the latest news that half the people she knows still own flip phones just for emergencies, whereas we all have mini computers in our pockets in the U.S at all times so we don’t feel so out of touch with the world. I’ve heard theories that reasons like those are why we see an upward trend in violent shootings in this country , and that is why it’s harder for police officers to do their jobs correctly because they know they are always under scrutiny from the media, and media outlets that can be accessed 24/7. These are things that are relevant in all our lives, and I think it would be cool if we can understand more as to why it has become so important.


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