Patty Introduction

My name is Patty and I am a sophomore History major with a coordination in Elementary Education. I played softball all throughout school, and I also was a part of the music program. I don’t just love playing sports, I love watching them as well. I enjoy watching most sports, but when it comes to golf, race car driving, or boxing I don’t mind tuning it out. I also love to listen to music whether it is classical or pop music, I can always find a way to enjoy it. I would say my favorite composer is John Williams. Jaws, Indiana Jones, and E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, are just a few of his scores that he is known for. I am taking this course for a few different reasons. I love to learn and discuss American History. In high school I had an amazing teacher for my American History classes. She was never afraid to tell the absolute ugly truth, but the way she did made you really think about the history of our country. The other reason I am taking this course is for the history of media. Media is a big part of our culture these days with smartphones and computers. I want to learn how media and communication has developed over the years, not just in the way of new inventions, but also on how they changed and shaped our culture.

With topics in history, there are always questions at the beginning. I want to find out if these people who created new inventions like the telegraph, the telephone, and computers had always wanted to find a way to invent them or if they just had an epiphany and made it come to life. I want to know if there was any specific invention or inventions in history that had altered the society or culture drastically like computers did for this generation. I can’t wait to start this course to get an insight in the ways media and communications has shaped American History and culture.


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