About Me

Hi there! My name is Valerie Higgins and I am a sophomore here at Framingham State. I am currently undeclared, but I am in the process of declaring a History major with a secondary education minor. Many people in my family are teachers, so it has always been a profession that I could see myself doing. I love working with younger children, but I feel like as a high school teacher I could make a bigger impact on students’ lives, like so many of my high school teachers did for me. I love Disney, dancing, musicals, and my Chihuahua. I have been to Walt Disney World 14 times, so if you ever need to plan a vacation there, let me know. I also really enjoy movies and some of my favorites are the silly ones from my childhood.

My favorite subject to study in history is World War II. I can’t pinpoint why I really enjoy learning about it, but just the whole time period leading to and following the war is just fascinating to me. It is so easy to say “How did anyone let that happen?” but even today we can draw parallels and in the world we’re living in today, it doesn’t seem so unbelievable that the events of World War II happened. I hope to learn about wartime censorship and propaganda that shaped the way the public during periods of conflict thought about certain people and events in this class.

This is my first 300-level history course toward a history major and I am very excited about it. The history of the media has always been an interest of mine. Seeing not only the technological advancements but the social advancements made throughout America’s long history of media and communications is intriguing. Looking back at the way people used to communicate and being able to study how improvements changed that so drastically should be exciting. These drastic changes are now our normal, everyday means of communicating and that will definitely be something I constantly think about throughout my study of the subject. It is so interesting to think about students of the future taking a class similar to this and learning about our iPhones and laptops and how they would probably react the way we do to, say, letter writing. There are just so many layers to this subject and I can’t wait to dive right in and start peeling away.





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