All about me

Hi everyone, I’m Vicki Anderson! I’m a junior elementary education major and my coordinate major is history. My love for history started when I was very young and my mother, a history channel, decided that watching Disney Channel all day would make me dumb so she would occasionally make me watch the History Channel. Looking back I probably could have just left and read a book or played outside with friends and develop a social life, but nope I decided I was forced to watch the History Channel. For the most part, I did not mind watching it but I distinctly remember this documentary on the French Revolution that gave me nightmares for weeks.

I have wanted to be a teacher since I was in the 2nd grade. Both of my parents are teachers and I just couldn’t see myself doing anything but teaching. I decided the ideal grade for me to teach would be 4th grade. In 4th grade, students are introduced to so many new things and there is a lot of important things that they have to learn. All of that had nothing to do with my decision to teach 4th grade, though. I decided 4th grade was for me when I entered 5th grade and realized what a horrible experience I had in 4th grade. It all started with a sticker. There was a spelling chart in the class and whenever you received a 100 on a spelling test you got a sticker. One fateful day, my best friend noticed she was missing a sticker. She immediately turned around and blamed the other girl with 10 stickers because obviously, she took it. There was a huge fight after this resulting in multiple talks with the teacher and principal and honestly it was stupid. Spoiler alert, the sticker was on the ground the whole time. After all that, I knew I wanted to make sure no kid went through the same torture and got to enjoy 4th grade in all its glory. It is also a plus that I might actually be taller than most of the students. I’m 5’2, most middle school children are taller than me.

Another important thing about me is that I’m on the volleyball team. I’m the teams’ libero which basically means I wear a different color shirt and am allowed to sub into the game, in the back row, at any time for anyone. Also, not to pat myself on the back, but it also means I’m the teams’ best passer.

To be honest I took this class because the timing worked out in my schedule and I needed another history course. However, I am looking forward to this class and learning about communication and media. Also, I have a strange feeling Ben Franklin is going to show up a lot in this class and he is a pretty cool dude.



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