Hey guys,

My name is Kelsey. I’m in my fourth year here at good old Framingham State!I’m also History Club President so if anyone has any questions about the club and how to get involved, let me know! As far as learning more about me goes, I work at Jack’s Abby in downtown Framingham and I am going to India for the J-Term so that’s pretty interesting.  My go-to fun facts are that I can touch my tongue to my nose and I grew up speaking both Polish and English. I’ve been interested in history since I was a young lad. I think it all started when I would get set to detention a lot in middle school and my principal wanted to make the time useful so he’d give me cool history lessons and it kind of escalated from there. At this point, my ultimate goal is to help integrate more genocide education into high school History classes (morbid, I know).

I really only took this course because I wanted to take another class with Dr. Adelman and it also fulfills my American History requirement so it was a win-win situation. For the most part, my interest in history has surrounded genocide and Native American history so this course will be extremely different from the history I’m used to learning. I think it’ll be a really cool twist on the U.S. history I’m used to learning about and I hope it’ll expand my knowledge of American History and give me a new perspective. We currently live in a society that is largely impacted by the technology around us so I think it’ll be really interesting to see how it has evolved over time.  Also, who doesn’t want to learn more about Ben Franklin?



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