Mid-Semester Reflection (option 4)

One of the most interesting chapters in Starr to me was chapter 4 "America's First Information Revolution." Starr discusses the rise in popularity of printed items, and constitutional changes that insured quality in all public printed items. One of the sections I found most interesting in this chapter was " The Creation of the News … Continue reading Mid-Semester Reflection (option 4)


10/30 Mid-Semester Reflection (Option 4)

An issue from our reading of Paul Starr that I would like to learn more about was the concept of “constitutive choices.” According to Starr, the development of media was formed by the constitutive choices of colonial policy makers. Starr wrote that, “The communications media have so direct a bearing on the exercise of power … Continue reading 10/30 Mid-Semester Reflection (Option 4)

Option 4

Although there has been ample amount of subjects covered in Paul Starr's The Creation of the Media: Political Origins of Modern Communication, I realized that there wasn't much to say about small businesses trying to take over the post office and their services too much. There was only a small section of it that was very … Continue reading Option 4


I was very skeptical about having to wake up earlier than usual to go on a field trip that would also make it so I had to miss my next class, but honestly, it was awesome! There were so many different things there that I never thought they'd have. Honestly, who would suspect a place … Continue reading AAS