Marriage of King George III and Princess Charlotte

On September 8, 1761 King George III  and Princess Charlotte married in the chapel royal of Saint James’s place in England. Charlotte, who grew up in a German duchy travel to England at the young age of 17 to marry King George III.  After George’s grandfather passed away and left him the throne he was forced into marriage due to the urgency of royalty. George and Charlotte met at a royal gathering, and George was intrigued by her background coming from a German dutchy,  but without any royal experience. They  married shortly after their meeting and began suceeding the throne of Great Britain.

Royal marriages have been as big as they are now ever since the beginning. From Britain all the way to New York, news of the new king and princess spread fast. The first article I found was in the New York gazette on September 21, 1761, just 13 days after the royals vows.  This article unlike the rest is boldly place and is offered as an announcement rather than another article. The article comes from the London gazette, and is “Honor of the Lieutenant Governor” stating the details of the marriage between King George III and Princess Charlotte.  Many other articles follow that one I like, newspapers were publishing the marriage of the royals to individuals in Philadelphia, Boston, and other colonies. The news is primarily reporting on the nuptials and the day of their occurrence they also included the royal individuals that were of attendance to the wedding.

What I found interesting was that after the marriage announcement there was not much other news about the couple and England. The coverage was very quick not even a year after the marriage was I unable to find any other articles about the couple, except an article here they are using their name shortly. I am to different keywords to hopefully prop two articles about the Royals, but the marriage announcement was the only article popping up. In my research for background information I was unable to find any big news from the marriage and a couple, and that might be why. I begin linking the shortage of articles to today’s newspapers and  magazines and realize gossip was just as big in the 1700s as it is in present day.

American colonies reported on the information that we get colonist reading rather than skipping the pages of the newspaper. The announcement of the marriage in the different Gazzetts was bold and exciting. Large, black lettering spread on the top of the page, and there was information on the royal family and the new heirs to the throne, information people wanted to read. Once the news was no longer news they had no reason to report on it anymore

Through my research on this topic I have come to realize that newspapers and media outlets a like have changed very little over the years. Seeing the newspaper articles get slimmer and slimmer after the marriage declaration was placed in different because that’s across colonies I can see the main purpose of the newspapers was to report only the newest, and most readable information rather than information no one had any interest in.  The articles on the topic were very short and really exceeded a page as mentioned in my previous paragraphs, the same applies today about royal news and that everyone even here in the United States wants to know what is happening. Today we have every top story informing us of Will and Kate, just as the marriage of King George III and Princess Charlotte was published to every newspaper


3 thoughts on “Marriage of King George III and Princess Charlotte

    • When I was researching background information of their marriage I did come across plenty of information about their children. I guess I was focusing on the “marriage” aspect of the post rather than what happened during their marriage as well.


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