Reaction to McLuhan (Option 7)

When I first read “Medium is the Message” by Marshall McLuhan I could see why the class was told to read it over multiple times before posting about it. The excerpt at some points dragged but was very informative even though it took me about 3  times to read through to somewhat understand what McLuhan was saying. … Continue reading Reaction to McLuhan (Option 7)


The Medium is the Message-Cornflakes and Cadillacs

In class, we have talked about so many mediums and how they relay information- newspapers, radios, televisions, and telegraphs are all examples of  mediums that serve a similar purpose. While reading this passage by Marshall McLuhan, I thought about a random quote that has been said a few times throughout this course-"paper is a technology". … Continue reading The Medium is the Message-Cornflakes and Cadillacs

Option 7

When I first started reading the medium is the message written by Marshall McLuhan, I was somewhat confused. The way that he was words and compares things to me was very confusing but after reading it a few more times, the main points of his argument started to become clear. McLuhan states that with each … Continue reading Option 7