Final Exam

The overriding theme of the course has been the political economy of communications, that is, the underlying structures that govern how communications works in the United States. How have various historians addressed issues of the political economy of communications and how it has developed and changed since the eighteenth century? You may use the following questions as guides to help your thinking:

  • How would you assess the argument of each author as part of the overall discussions of the course?
  • Which author do you find most convincing? Why?
  • How important has technological change been for the history of media?
  • What role has culture played in the history of media?


  • Your essay should be between 2,500 and 3,000 words, not including footnotes.
  • You should utilize at least three primary sources and six secondary sources from course materials.
  • All citations should be made in Chicago Manual of Style
  • Submit your paper via by 2:30pm on Friday, December 16 (the time determined by the Registrar for our final exam period). Late papers will only be accepted with documented evidence of an emergency. Name your file “Lastname_Final.docx.”
  • Do not consult sources from outside the course without prior approval.
  • As with other assignments, you must complete this work on your own so that it reflects your thinking and effort. You may ask someone to proofread your paper.

I will not read full drafts of your essay, but I would be happy to comment on a thesis statement and a one-page outline if you send it to me by 9pm the night before your meeting. I will post my availability during the finals period to Blackboard, but as always you may email or tweet me your questions.


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