The Medium is the Message-Cornflakes and Cadillacs

In class, we have talked about so many mediums and how they relay information- newspapers, radios, televisions, and telegraphs are all examples of  mediums that serve a similar purpose. While reading this passage by Marshall McLuhan, I thought about a random quote that has been said a few times throughout this course-"paper is a technology". … Continue reading The Medium is the Message-Cornflakes and Cadillacs


Reaction to Hoganson

Throughout history political cartoons have been a great way to see how people feel about current events that are happening at the time-those printed in newspapers and magazines could be seen by thousands of people, and there was often a lot of symbolism behind the funny/clever images. In the book Fighting for American Manhood author Kirsten Hoganson … Continue reading Reaction to Hoganson


I had never heard of knowledge economics before being assigned this term for this blog post, so I just typed it into Google and the first definition that came up was "an economy in which growth is dependent on the quantity, quality, and accessibility of the information available, rather than on the means of production", … Continue reading Knowledge