Reaction to McLuhan (Option 7)

When I first read “Medium is the Message” by Marshall McLuhan I could see why the class was told to read it over multiple times before posting about it. The excerpt at some points dragged but was very informative even though it took me about 3  times to read through to somewhat understand what McLuhan was saying. … Continue reading Reaction to McLuhan (Option 7)


Mid-Semester Reflection (option 4)

One of the most interesting chapters in Starr to me was chapter 4 "America's First Information Revolution." Starr discusses the rise in popularity of printed items, and constitutional changes that insured quality in all public printed items. One of the sections I found most interesting in this chapter was " The Creation of the News … Continue reading Mid-Semester Reflection (option 4)

AAS Trip

Our class trip to the American Antiquarian Society was my first visit there, but it won’t be my last. To me personally physical artifacts are something that intrigues me, it boggles my mind that things created and designed in the 17th century are still present today. The Antiquarian society does an incredible job of preserving … Continue reading AAS Trip

Extra Credit- Episode 2 Ben Franklin’s world

For this extra credit opportunity, I listened to episode 2 of Ben Franklin’s World. This episode had guest Cornelia King, Chief of Reference at the Library company of Philadelphia, and curator of women’s history. The podcast contained a lot of information from what Cornelia’s duties are as the Chief of Reference, to what the library … Continue reading Extra Credit- Episode 2 Ben Franklin’s world