Option 7

When I first started reading the medium is the message written by Marshall McLuhan, I was somewhat confused. The way that he was words and compares things to me was very confusing but after reading it a few more times, the main points of his argument started to become clear. McLuhan states that with each … Continue reading Option 7


Morality In The Media

In the book, Our Movie Made Children written by Henry James Foreman, he discusses the detrimental affects that movies have on children’s behavior, attitudes, and their developing mind. Throughout the ten pages that we read, he makes cases of how and why movies affect children the way movies do, with data and studies done by … Continue reading Morality In The Media

Option 5

One picture that I choose to discuss was The Cuban Melodrama. In this picture we see The United States, poised as a strong and noble hero, protecting the innocent and “virgin” Cuba from the creepy and dark Spanish villain. As stated in class, propaganda is a constant feature of war. It is one thing to … Continue reading Option 5

AAS Visit

During our AAS visit, we were able to look at and examine different artifacts from early America, relating to the media and communications history field. Looking at these materials up close and personal helped shaped the way I look at artifacts from this field. The three most interesting artifacts that I looked at were a … Continue reading AAS Visit

Capitalism & Managerial Capitalism

Capitalism is a very important economic system, and is practiced in the United States as well as many other countries today. According to Fred Folvary, “Capitalism” means the sector of an economy in which markets determine prices and quantities. In a “capitalist” system, both the market for goods and the market for inputs are based … Continue reading Capitalism & Managerial Capitalism

About Me

My name is Margaret Nee and I am a junior history major with a minor in secondary education. I am originally from Hingham, MA and just recently moved to Braintree, MA. I have an older brother, and a wheaten terrier. I currently live off campus in Natick with two roomates, who are also juniors here. … Continue reading About Me